Sooner is Better!

New results show that re-treating an area as soon as 4 - 6 weeks
after the first treatment speeds up results!

Fat freezing to remove abdominal fat

This woman required 3 cryolipolysis treatments to get rid of her sagging, lower tummy bulge. Now we are learning that she could have seen these results in just 12 weeks instead of the 36 which she actually had to wait! That's great news... for us!

The more that cryolipolysis is used across the globe (and there have been more than a million treatments done to date!), the more we are learning!

According to Grant Stevens, MD - a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, it has now become quite common to re-treat an area within 4 - 6 weeks  of the initial treatment rather than waiting the full 12 weeks, as was originally mandated!

It would seem that there is no benefit to waiting the full 12 weeks and that clients are much happier to get their end results ahead of schedule!

That's great news!!

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