Facial Testimonials


"I LOVED my RF facial!"

 Just to let you know that I LOVED my RF facial! My skin felt and looked (I had several compliments!) wonderful.The bags I get under my eyes did not reappear for several days so I'm hopeful that further treatments will banish them altogether. I'm recommending this treatment to all my friends. 🙂

N.G., Chichester

"I could feel my face firming up straight away!"

'From the moment I was welcomed into beautiful room I knew I was in for something special. I have wanted to treat myself to a facial lifting treatment for a while now and was concerned about a) the cost and b) whether these things work. Instead of giving me sales jargon I was told not to expect miracles after the first treatment and it might take a number of sessions to see any results.

Fully prepared for this I was surprised when I could feel my face firming up straight away and, after a totally relaxing experience, looked in the mirror to see a real result, my skin looked more alive, glowing and a little firmer round the edges where it has been noticeably sagging over the last few years. I am so looking forward to the next sessions booked in and feel already so much more confident about how I look.'

Gill R, Yapton