Cryo FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
about CryoSculpting:

1. How long is each session?

Cryogenic Fat Reduction has come a long way. It used to require an hour but new research shows that results are equally as effective in just 30 minutes.

So, it's a 30-minute treatment, but I always recommend you allow an hour. By the time you are measured, set up and the machine is attached, it's usually an hour per treatment area.

2. How many sessions will I need?

This very much depends on YOU! That's why we give a pesonalised consultation before doing any treatments.

The main factors which affect treatment requirements are:
• Amount of fat
• Density of fat
• Type of fat
• Age
• Lifestyle (diet / exercise / fresh water, etc.)

Of course other factors, such as metabolism and genetics are highly relevant but harder to gauge from a consultation for obvious reasons!

Put it this way, GENERALLY speaking, the more fat you have, the more sessions you will need.

Most of our clients require 2 - 3 on the stomach area and inner thighs.

On the other hand, "love handles" and "batwings" can often be dramatically reduced in just one session.

Legs are often harder to treat as the fat tends to be more dense and is often complicated by cellulite, which does not respond in the same way to the cryo.

You can read more about treating saddlebags and cellulite here:

3. How long before I see results?

Again, this depends on YOU! Every treatment and every result is individual.

Some people - generally those with less fat to lose - see results in just a few weeks.

According to scientific studies, the full results can only be assured at the end of the full 12 weeks.

As the body eliminates the dying fat cells naturally, it is a slow and organic mechanism. This process can take a full 12 weeks.

New research in the States has shown that - contrary to previous beliefs - re-treatment of an area can be done as soon as 4 - 6 weeks after the initial treatment.

It doesn't increase the results, but it does speed up the time! This means that you can have 3 treatments in 12 weeks instead of the previously mandated 36 weeks!

Great news for summer!

4. Are there any side-effects?

In over 60 clinical trials, the only side-effects experienced by the subjects were minimal and temporary.

In most cases, there will be a significant red patch, which usually disappears within 24 - 48 hours. This is necessary to note if you are planning on keeping it a secret from your significant other (!) or heading out on holiday.

In very few cases, there will be some bruising, but they too will disappear within a week.

There are some reports of some sensitivity or numbness after the treatment but again, this is only temporary.

5. Do I really need a consultation?

Yes! Absolutely!

The consultation is completely free and without obligation.

The main purpose of the consultation is to plan your individual treatment protocol. Depending on how many areas you wish to treat and how many treatments you are likely to require, we will structure your very own, personal treatment plan for the best possible results.

In order to do this, we need to assess the area(s) you want treated and the amount and type of fat.

We also need to weigh and measure you and take skin caliper measurements where appropriate.

During the consultation, we will also check any medical conditions which may preclude you from treatment and have you sign a consent form.

We will also require payment at this time.  Payment is always required before treatment in order to reserve your appointment time.


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