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As you can see in the photo below, this lady had quite a lot of "flab" to be removed. Each treatment will remove between 20% - 40% in the area treated so, in this case, several treatments were required.

tummy, belly fat, cryolipolysis, cryo

Results after a series of 3 treatments on the lower tummy.

This lady had a slightly different situation than the one above, as she had had a Caesarean section. She still required 3 treatments to reduce the pouch of fat under the belly button, but in her case, we treated the 2 sides separately as well as the entire lower abdomen.

lower tummy fat, cryolipolysis

Again, this lady required 3 treatments to the lower tummy

The lady shown below had a total of 4 treatments: 2 to her lower tummy and 2 to her upper tummy. As you can see, there is quite a dramatic reduction in fat in both areas. 

Dramatic results treating both the upper and lower abdomen with cryolipolysis

This lady only needed 1 treatment - just to sculpt her already minimal tummy!

spot reduction, sculpt your body

Cryolipolysis is particularly effective for people with low body fat, who just want to "sculpt" their problem areas.

Below is one of my most recent clients, who has only had 1 treatment on her lower tummy (and who is 50 years old and has had 2 children!). This photo was taken only 2 weeks after her first treatment!  So watch this space as we continue treating her!!

This 50 year-old mother of 2 lost 1.5 inches from her tummy in just 2 weeks after her treatment. **

** Of course, results will always vary. There are so many factors involved - from age and genetics to metabolism, density and type of fat as well as the areas being treated.

Arms, tummies and love handles are usually very responsive to the treatment, for example, whereas the lower limbs do tend to be a little slower to respond, especially if there is cellulite involved. For more information on treating legs, please click here...

Results also do also vary considerably according to lifestyle considerations. If you exercise regularly and eat a low carb diet with lots of fresh, healthy food, you will likely have a far better result than someone who is sedentary and eats lots of sugary foods.

Also vitally important is drinking enough FRESH water. Because cryosculpting depends on flushing out the crystallised fat cells, the more water you drink, the quicker your body can detox and flush. 

You can also profoundly help the body cleanse with detoxing supplements, juicing and even intermittent fasting.

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