Amazing Arms Package!

Amazing Arms Package!

£700.00 £525.00

Bye Bye “Bat Wings” !

It happens to most of us and the turning point seems to be 50!  Just seems that those “Madonna arms” are forever out of reach.


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Turning 50 doesn't have to mean "baggy arms"!  With CryoSculpt, you can reduce the fat in your arms by up to 40%!

For most people, this area responds particularly well to the cryosculpting process and profound effects only require an average of 2 treatments per arm.

So why not take advantage of our special "Amazing Arms" package and SAVE 25% today when you prepay for all 4 treatments.

Normal prices are: £250 for the first placement and £150 for all subsequent treatments. For 2 arm treatments, that would be a total of £700.

With our "Amazing Arms" package, you pay only £525!  That's an amazing savings of £175!


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