“Lose the Love...

“Lose the Love...

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Don’t love your “love handles”?

Get rid of your “muffin top” in time for summer with our new “Lose the Love Handles” package.  Save 25% on normal prices!

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Muffin Tops! 

Who doesn't hate that feeling of your own flesh spilling over your jeans?

Interestingly, love handles are one of the most easily treated areas of the body with CryoSculpting.  For most people, they respond quickly and easily.

In fact, whereas more dense areas, such as tummies and thighs often require at least 3 treatments, love handles can often be profoundly impacted after just 2 sessions on each side.

For this reason, we offer our special deal on a 2-treatment package (per side, of course). 

Normally, this would cost you £250 for the first placement and £150 for all subsequent placements. This would mean a total of £700.

As part of our prepaid "Lose the Love Handles" Package, you save 25% - that's a savings of £175!  For a total of only: £525!


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