“Tight Tummies” Package

“Tight Tummies” Package


“Tight Tummies” are a rare and beautiful thing!  Now YOU can attain your best tummy in time for summer and SAVE over 25%!



Flat tummies are a rare and wonderful thing.

It feels good not to bulge out of our dresses and our jeans. It feels good to wear sexy, tight-fitting tops.

But so many of us - especially if we've had children (and hate sit-ups!) - really struggle to attain the dream tummy.

So, we've designed a "package deal" for you to get the best possible results AND save money!

Most women who are eligible for cryosculpting require 3 treatments.  So we've put together our "Tight Tummies" package to help you save money when you buy all 3 together.

Normal prices for cryosculpting are £250 for your first treatment and £150 for subsequent treatments. For 3 treatments, that would be a total of £550.00

With our "Tight Tummies" package, you save over 25%!  Just £399 total !


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