Notes from Our Happy Customers:


"I have a flat stomach now!"

Dear Nina -
I am writing to you to thank you for the cryo treatments. I am so excited by how effective they have been - and how quickly.
As you know, I have lost an inch and a half on my tummy after only 2 treatments! I can't believe it, as my pooch has been the bane of my life since I had my kids. I just hated the way it looked in my clothes. And even though I am my ideal weight and I eat healthily, it just always seemed to stick out!
The difference is huge and my boyfriend and I are amazed - I actually have a FLAT STOMACH now!!

Update (by text)
Hi Nina -
I went away to Cornwall for a few days last week and ate loads of cream teas and naughty things. Gained 3 pounds, but it didn't go to my stomach! That's a first! Am thrilled.

Katie T, Warburton

"My Underarms Have Decreased Dramatically"

Hi Nina -
I wanted to let you know that I'm thrilled with the cryosculpt treatment you did on my batwings!  My underarms have decreased dramatically since the treatment 3 weeks ago, and I'm off on holiday soon so I'm ecstatic not to have to hide my arms!

I am also thinking about getting my stomach done but wanted to thank you for helping me feel a lot better about sporting short sleeves on my holiday!

Gillian D, Chichester

"I Am Already Thrilled!"

"News about wobbly bits is good already. Is this possible so soon? I am already thrilled."

Emily C, Chichester

Both my partner and I can tell the difference!

"I have one side bigger than the other. Both (name of spouse) and I can tell the difference. Would love to be evened up Tuesday afternoon."

Katie T, Warburton

Explanation: We had done 1 treatment of the tummy and I only ever do 2 treatments at a time (so as not to overload the body), so the 2nd treatment was her left "love handle". 11 days later, this was her text to me!

The Change is "Quite Definite!"

"I have to tell you that when I was standing in my underwear, I asked my husband if he noticed anything.....and he said "your right side (luv handle) is smaller than the left". Just 3 weeks and he says it is quite definite! I gave him no warning and I had not even looked myself, thinking it was too early to see results. I am so excited!

Jean K, Chichester