Cellulite (Fire & Ice)


The Latest Weapon
in the Battle against Cellulite

Saddlebags, Cryolipolysis, fat freezing

Feb 2017: Daily Mail Article on the treatment of 'Saddlebags' using Cryolipolysis and Radio Frequency.

To learn more about the treatment used for cellulite, you can check out this recent (Feb 2017) article from the Daily Mail Online. (Click here to read)

In a nutshell, because the outer thighs tend to be dense fat and cellulite is notoriously hard to treat, this procedure - known as "Fire & Ice" - uses a combination of both the cryo (fat freezing) and a series of 8 x Radio Frequency (RF) treatments.

If the cellulite is very bad, or the volume of fat is too great for cryo initially, a series of 8 - 12 Cavitation treatments (2 per week) is often required BEFORE the "Fire & Ice" treatment.  (For more information on Cavitation, please click here.)

Radio Frequency has been shown to tighten the skin, remove old and damaged collagen and stimulate new formation. This is why it is so commonly used for the face, neck and chest.  See our page on Non-Surgical Facelifts for more information.

When used for cellulite, a larger head is used to cover more surface area with multiple poles to increase penetration into the subdermal layers.

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